John Woodwark

At Hever Castle in 2010
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I am a former academic who has also worked for Rolls-Royce and IBM. I ran my own company and edited a journal for Elsevier Science for well over ten years. On this website there is a short bio covering these activities, and also an example of the sort of research project that I was involved with in the 80s.

I now offer a technical editing service, largely for academic authors in Korea, helping polish manuscripts for publication, while making a modest but badly needed contribution to the UK's balance of payments.

I also paint in oils and oil pastels, selling pictures from time to time through exhibitions and galleries. I have a particular interest in 19th-century art, and with David Lavender I compiled the Phryne website, which was reasonably popular in the 90s; but we eventually closed it in response to the rise of Wikipedia and a lack of time.

Over the last few years I have been singing west-gallery music with the Marsh Warblers and the London Gallery Quire. I have also been redoubling my attempts to play a range of woodwind instruments.