Paintings and pastels by John Woodwark

Lemon tea

The above is a large oil pastel called "Lemon tea". Oil pastels are grown-ups' versions of wax crayons, with proper pigments. They're much cleaner to use than dry pastels, and an oil-pastel picture doesn't revert to dust in the bottom of its frame, as dry pastels tend to do. Either way, these sold media allow a pointillist style in which a single solid colour resolves to a pattern of different-coloured marks when you examine it closely: thus a grey might be made from browns and blues, or purples and greens. These choices effectively add another dimension to a picture, but it needs to be large enough to allow space for the contrast of scales.

The thumbnails on the right link to images of a selection of my oil-paintings.

Sun and clouds
Bright fame
Brilliant careers
Brilliant careers
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Princess Nausicaa
Princess Nausicaa
China nudes
On the tiles
William Morris Minor
The wrong Morris
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